What is PLF to Croatia?

The Passenger Locator Form to Croatia is a health questionnaire recommended to complete by all visitors arriving in Croatia. This form is also known under the name Enter Croatia.

Although the Croatian entry form is not an obligatory travel document, the government of Croatia advises all arrivals to obtain it before a trip.

Thanks to the personal and travel details provided in the entry form, it is much easier for the Croatian authorities to reach all travelers who may have contacted persons infected with COVID-19.

enter croatia

General information

croatien plf

The Croatian passenger locator form enables travelers to enter the territory of Croatia much faster as the procedures during the border control process may be reduced to the minimum. That is why all those who plan to travel to Croatia should consider filling out the entry form in advance of the intended trip to smoothly enter the country amid the ongoing coronavirus-related restrictions.

All arrivals to Croatia can complete the Enter Croatia from the comfort of their home. It should not take more than a few minutes. The health questionnaire is an entirely online form so it may be completed with the use of any Internet-accessed electronic device. Once successfully completed, every applicant receives the confirmation via email.

Traveling families should complete one joint health form including the details of every family member in order to simplify the entire process of crossing the Croatian borders.

There is no specified time limit for completing the Croatian PLF. Although, every traveler should fill it out in advance of the intended trip.


All travelers should prepare the following documents before starting filling the online passenger locator form to Croatia:

  1. a valid passport or ID card
  2. an EU digital certificate (alternatively, it may be any other health-confirming document)
  3. details of the planned accommodation
  4. details of a person(s) accompanying (if applicable)

When traveling with family, one adult traveler should provide the personal and travel details of all the co-travelers to Croatia.

Application Instruction

Every person who wishes to fill out Enter Croatia form should follow these instructions to complete the declaration issues-free:

  1. Firstly, prepare all the necessary documents and check if your electronic device has a stable Internet connection.
  2. Next, go to the online form and start filling all empty fields.
  3. Answer all the questions related to your trip and health status and provide the necessary standard personal data.
  4. Select one method of online payment from the available options and pay the processing fee.
  5. Go to your email inbox and make sure that the message containing a PDF with the receipt of your successful PLF application is already there.
Croatia entry form

Croatia entry requirements

Croatian entry rules may be different for particular countries and are also determined by the country of departure.

Moreover, coronavirus restrictions are subject to rapid change. That is why it is highly recommended to check the recent entry requirements before the planned departure by checking on the official governmental website.

Benefits of using the Enter Croatia

These are the most essential benefits of being a holder of the Croatian entry form:

  • ensures the safety of all travelers entering Croatia as well as Croatian citizens
  • enables to immediately notify a traveler about the potential COVID-19 infection
  • helps to quickly undertake protective measures, e.g. undergo necessary quarantine
  • helps to reduce the spread of the coronavirus cases
  • can be completed entirely online with any electronic device
  • enables to avoid long procedures upon entering Croatia